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Mindfulness & Yoga August Summer Camp

Summer is the perfect time to hit “reset” and pause and relax into a slower pace and give your children the life-long skills they need to strengthen their focus, manage their emotions and detach from negative thoughts. Mindfulness thickens the front part of the brain — the Prefrontal Cortex — what I call, the “smarty pants” part of the brain.

The thicker wiring means that we use this part of the brain more habitually. Rather than slipping into reactivity, when we lose our favorite towel or have to wait for our brothe, we process our thoughts and feelings from this wise center, which manages emotions, solve problems, and houses our focus and concentration. (It really is the miracle spot!)

Children will learn yoga poses and simple mindfulness techniques in our August Summer Camp.

The August Summer Camp is for Kids in Grade 1 – 5 and runs from Monday, August 14 through Wednesday, August 16 from 9 – 11 am.

For a full camp description and to register online, click the registration link below:

More Mindfulness for Kids in Grades K – 6 with Experience in Mindfulness

Mindfulness & Yoga August Camp

For more information, please contact Mary Lea Crawley at marylea@mindfulkidsnj.com.

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I’m a certified mindfulness teacher and speaker who helps students – of all ages – pause, breathe and think. As a mother, long-time educator and writer, my goal is to share the brain-changing benefits of sitting still. For over 20 years, it’s been my practice and my compass.

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