In-School Programs

img_6769Mindful Kids classes are taught by founder, Mary Lea Crawley, a Mindful Schools Certified Instructor. Mary Lea began developing curriculum as a college-level instructor, poet-in-the-school, and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) director of programs for children and teens.  Her M.A. in Writing informs her ability to customize curricula for students with varying levels of experience and ability.

Mindful Kids Curriculum

The Mindful Kids custom curriculum draws from the work of Mindful Schools and Amy Saltzman’s Still Quiet Place.  It’s visual tools and tactile aids helps students see and feel how to use mindfulness in their day-to-day experience.  

Mindful Kids In-School Programs for Students and Teachers:


  • 8-Week In-Class Program for Students,  Grades PreK – 12

  • Teacher Professional Development Courses & Presentations

  • Anti-Bullying Programs for Large Groups

  • 1-Hour Brain-Fit 101 Workshop for Teens

  • Lunch-Time  and After-School Mindfulness Clubs for Students and Teachers

In-School Programs for Students:


These programs include the following:

  • Eight weeks of in-class mindfulness lessons for students (30 minutes a session)
  • A one-hour teacher professional development class
  • A 60- to 90-minute Mindful Parenting presentation for school parents
  • Fifteen-minute start-up sessions with teachers, individually or in small groups
  • One mindfulness bell for each classroom
  • A mindfulness workbook that can be copied, for each student, to reinforce lesson topics
  • Each lesson builds on prior learning. Lesson topics include:  Why Mindfulness, Present-Moment Attention, “Calm Down” Breathing and Meditation, Body Awareness, Cultivating Compassion, Handling Test Anxiety, Managing Emotions, Navigating Negative Thinking and Mindful Walking
  • Color handouts that illustrate each lesson
  • Games, hands-on practice and weekly check-ins reinforce content

Mary Lea can modify the length and frequency of the classes to suit the needs of individual organizations.  Mindful education is most effective when it’s taught on a regular basis, over a period of eight weeks.



  1. Marisol Landin says

    Hi, I am a parent of two children, 5 and 8 years old. I would love for their grammar school to offer a mindful class. Do you have any suggestions as to how I could go about having the school consider your program? What is the cost?
    Thank you


  2. Hi Marisol,
    Thanks so much reaching out about school programs. I would suggest talking to your Principal and to the head of your PTO. My programs have gone into the schools, usually, through one of those two people. Sometimes the PTO funds it and sometimes the school does and sometimes they split the cost. The program description is on my website — as you probably saw. I determine pricing, directly with the school, based on what they want and what parameters they have for the program.

    Mary Lea


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