Mindful Schools

Mindful Schools Recognized as Leader in Mindfulness Education

Taken from the Mindful Schools Website

Picture from Mindful Schools Website

Mindful Schools began its work in 2007 in Oakland, California, and grew due to its successful outcomes in high-risk East Bay schools. Today, it has trained over 200,000 youth & 6,000 educators in public, private and charter schools worldwide.  Its curricula has been tested in thousands of classrooms across the globe.


Here are some of what its students have said:

“I was sitting in a party with my friend. Two guys come over to us and they want to fight. My friend has a gun and he’s ready to use it. You know what I did? I’m sittin’ in the party doin’ a body scan. That’s right, a body scan. I breathed. Then I took my friend’s gun and walked out of the party.”
Amar, a GED (high school equivalency) student in Virginia

“Suspensions at our school has dropped from 14 last year to 6 this year. We attribute this to the mindfulness program.”
Lake Shore Elementary School, San Francisco

At the end of the school year a second grader relays the effectiveness of brain science. “Remember you told us mindfulness changes your brain? It’s true. Before I used to get really mad when someone stole the ball at recess. I don’t anymore; I can just work it out.”

Quotes Taken from the MindfulSchools.org Website

Mindful Schools in the Press:

Time Magazine picture
Mindful Schools was featured in the cover story “The Mindful Revolution” in Time Magazine’s Feb. 3, 2014 issue.





harvard magazine photo2
Jon Kabat-Zinn highlights Mindful Schools in a story on the benefits of mindfulness in education in the October, 2013 issue of Harvard Magazine.






ASCD photo
The ASCD association featured Mindful Schools in “The Mindful Educator” cover story in their November 2014  Education Update newsletter.




room to breathe
The documentary films Room to Breathe and Healthy Habits of Mind feature the work of Mindful Schools.





child mind

Child Mind Institute, a premier NYC provider of mental heath care for children and adolescents, quoted Mindful Schools educators in their January 20, 2015 e-Newsletter.

For more information on Mindful Schools, go to mindfulschools.org.


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