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Three Shades of Green

Driving to my mom’s on Sunday afternoon and, once again, I am late.  I’ve let the power of “one more thing” slip from my head to my hands, and I am washing stray dishes, emptying the recycling, sending a text.  My chest constricts and my jaw tightens.

“Where are my feet right now?”  It’s the reminder I return to, again and again, to loosen my insides and release my heart.  I imagine my feet in their black boots, resting on the rubber mat of my Honda Odyssey.  I listen to the scream of a silver Mazda zooming past, the wind pushing branches.

There’s one green, I tell myself, noticing the wide umbrella of a blooming willow.  And another: the garbage can on the side of Prospect has the number “45” spray-painted on the side.  The third shade of green is that grass, right there, unexpectedly bright and shining: an inviting carpet to a home with columns.

My heart rate slows; my chest is open.  I feel myself in the only time and space I have.  This one.  Right now.

Finding three shades of a color – when my mind races – brings me back to the fullness of this moment and my life.  This life.  This one life.  The one I am lucky enough to have.  Right now.

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I’m a certified mindfulness teacher and speaker who helps students – of all ages – pause, breathe and think. As a mother, long-time educator and writer, my goal is to share the brain-changing benefits of sitting still. For over 20 years, it’s been my practice and my compass.

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